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iNetGolf Sharing the LoadiNetGolf – Effective and Efficient

iNetGolf offers golf effective and efficient marketing solutions designed specifically for the golf industry. We imagine, create, and deliver your message utilizing the most advanced and robust methods and technology available. If you’re ready to graduate from traditional to digital thinking, we’re here pave the way for you. Take the first step toward a new and tomorrow! Allow us to share the load with you.

Budget-Minded Graduated Strategies

We employ graduated strategies to align technology, budget, and business goals. We’re all about utilizing tested and proven methods and strategies to move our clients forward. And, the good news is…we’re still testing and proving new ideas. Being stagnant means being behind. We would rather lead! We have the right digital model for your business. Come join us as we imagine, create, and deliver!


Futuristic golf marketing requires out-of-the-box imagination. Traditional methods have become worn, ineffective, and obsolete. Engaging golfers today requires a new and different approach. We’ve done the hard work for you. You only need to realize the time is here. Have you been asking: How do I reach more golfers? Why is my website not performing the way it used to? How do I know if my golf marketing is working? What should I really be doing with social media? We have the answers to these and other questions.

Innovative Golf Marketing Solutions

Golf marketing solutions for today and tomorrow require a fresh and innovative approach to increase visibility and maximize the opportunity for message delivery. Having a website is crucial, but not just any site will do. Technology has changed the way golfers search, socialize, and engage. Conversions are not automatic. Come along for the ride….we’ll show you how to be your best.

iNetgolf Focus and Commitment

We are focussed and committed to bringing your golf business to the forefront of digital technology. Our on-going training and support programs are designed to keep it there.  We’ll teach you the steps and techniques necessary to be a better digital manager. If you would like to bridge the gap between traditional and digital thinking, we’re ready to help. Come along and take advantage of our innovative graduation strategy!

The partnership between Crow Creek Golf Club and Zeus Digital Marketing (later became iNetGolf),  started Spring of 2013.  Since then we have seen our digital presence explode.  Our website had been primarily a real estate site with a golf tab.  With the guidance of Zeus Digital / iNetGolf our site is now widely considered the patriarch of the newest generation of websites.  The behemoth that is is by far the single best investment our business has made in the last decade.  After its completion in the Spring of 2015, it has captured an enormous amount of traffic which we tracked through our online booking engine.  In two months of being online, revenue generated from tee time sales beat our entire 2014 online revenue. The numbers don’t lie.  I have transitioned the bulk of our marketing efforts to bolstering our digital footprint.


We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and hope that business finds us.  Zeus / iNetGolf has given us the tools to make ourselves more visible in an ever growing and changing digital landscape.  I personally think you can’t receive better value.  How many marketing companies package website development with a media outlet?

Jimmy Biggs, PGA

Head Golf Professional , Crow Creek Golf Club

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