Call Center Solutions

iNetGolf Call Center Solutions

Daytime Solutions

Today’s golf course personnel wear many different hats. Often counter attendants are drawn away from the telephone for a variety of reasons. The result could mean missing a booking opportunity. Our daytime call center solutions can be tailored to fit your immediate and long-term needs. At a cost much less than adding personnel, our call center attendants can answer your calls on your behalf, and in most cases conduct the necessary business….such as creating or changing a tee time reservation.

After Hours Solutions

More and more golfers are surfing the search engines and social media in their off-time. After hours interaction is a growing trend in the industry. Golfers, like all savvy internet surfers, are looking for instant gratification. It is no longer acceptable to leave an answering machine to handle those calls. Our after hours call center solutions prevent your from missing an opportunity to engage an existing or new client. We handle the calls on your behalf, and in most cases are able to conduct business as and for you.


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