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iNetGolf White PapersiNetGolf has dedicated this section of the website for white paper display and distribution. iNetGolf White papers are intended to define and explain our products, services, and solutions to issues we see in the industry. We’re beginning our white paper library with the basics for important issues from an overview perspective.  Over time we will add more detailed white papers covering a variety of subject matter.

Add Your White Papers and Comments

This can be an interactive area of the iNetGolf website. We welcome the inclusion of other’s white papers on subjects relative to our business. As technology changes and search algorithms continue to evolve, updates to white papers will be necessary. We welcome communication and comments that are constructive and aid in keeping this library current. The purpose is to create a reference resource for those who wish to be better informed about digital marketing and the basics for tomorrow’s business foundation.

Feel free to download and and distribute as necessary.  We welcome your recommendations. If you would like to contribute white papers to the iNetGolf library contact us HERE As always, we welcome your feedback.

Website Development Overview White Paper

Website Development: White Paper Download a copy of this white paper HERE Websites are not only the interface, but the backbone for the digital world. Overhauls of search algorithms and rapid change in smart device technologies have rendered most websites obsolete....