Golf Course Photography and Videography

golf course photography and videographyTwo of the most overlooked and underutilized golf marketing tools are golf course photography and videography. In this visually stimulated age, visual content and optimization for image search on the web can be a huge opportunity. The process begins with creating a professional portfolio of photos featuring the vistas to be experienced by each shot a golfer may take, along with other impressive elements of golf course scenery. Once the the portfolio is created, polished,  and organized, it then can be placed on the course (and other) websites and optimized for search. If the cost for a full course portfolio isn’t feasible, clubhouse and featured holes will be a good start.

Video is by far the most impactful form of media available. The more visual information we can provide our prospective golfers, the more likely we are to attract their play. Quick videos of the pro shop, restaurant, and practice facility along with some featured golf holes can be just the edge needed to sway a decision. In the absence of professionally prepared videography, 15 and 30 second videos done with a smart device are better than nothing. Web users re used to (and possibly prefer) more casually prepared social videos. When it comes to content creation, video blogs with regular updates from the course shared on social media can be an impactful added benefit.

At every golf course there are opportunities to visually share the experience. Take the time to make your web interface more engaging and dimensional!

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