Website Technology and Development

website developmentNone of the most advanced digital marketing concepts and techniques can negate proper website development. Your website is your face on the internet. It’s can be as beneficial as having your best employee handle every client. Most importantly, it has to professionally represent the message you hope to deliver. If you have not updated your site in the past twelve months, it has been obsoleted by new technology. Here are the basic website requirements to consider:

1. The latest website platforms offer mobile responsive capability. This means your website conforms to the device from which it is being viewed. This is not beo be confused with the older mobile websites, and the later versions that require stretching and moving the content for proper viewing. A truly responsive site requires no manipulation by the user.

2. The design of the site has to be centered around getting the conversion once a visitor has landed.  This process is called Conversion Centered Design or CCD. Catchy name, huh?. Gone are the days of busy and cluttered landing pages. They do not show well on smart devices, and will not catch the limited attention of the visitor. Site’s home pages and landing pages have to be carefully thought out right down to the colors uses.

3. For websites to be optimized, there needs to be regularly updated content on the site. This isn’t exactly new, except that recent changes in search algorithms have further emphasized the need. The site has to have  content management capabilities that allow proper optimization. It is a fact that some website platforms are more search friendly than others.

4. Proper organization of the site’s content is an absolute must.  The content displayed on the homepage should be just enough to engage the visitor to go to the next step in conversion. The navigation has to be clear and logical. Priority presentation, or presenting the most important aspects first is critical.

New age websites look and feel much different from their ancient predecessors of last year and back. We’re not joking! We can’t stress enough the importance of responsive technology and CCD compliant website development. Sites over a year old are likely obsolete. Development has to take into consideration use… and future use will com primarily from smart device users. We are already seeing evidence that search engines are rewarding sites on responsive platforms more favorable indexing and rank.

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