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Why Video

67% percent of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product they saw in a video! We could stop there, but there’s much more. Social video content is shared over 1200% more than text and images combined. Companies who utilize video ads create 41% more traffic to their websites. Since 90% of the information we ingest is through our eyes, our brains are naturally wired for video. Story telling is a major part of our lives, and there’s nothing more impacting that telling your story via video.

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Creating an engaging video isn’t as automatic as one might think. Shooting, editing, and distribution are the simple pieces or the process, but careful thought is required for each step for consumers to ingest your content.


In today’s fast-paced social environment video has to be optimized to immediately engage the consumer. Not so long ago ten minute videos were widely acceptable. Many of us can remember when thirty minute videos were commonplace.  Although We’ve had measurable success in the golf industry with videos as long as three minutes, the most effective videos are no more than one minute long.


Distribution is key. Even the most compelling video is ineffective without getting it in front of a targeted audience. Search engine and social media marketing have become a necessary element in all business planning. The good news…the tools are getting better and better. But, in today’s searchable world, effective distribution requires spending some ad dollars in the process. Whether your choose social media, or Google, Bing, and Yahoo…or a combination of all, paid ads are a crucial part of distribution, and they are here to stay.


Everything comes together with engagement. If you’ve created a compelling and properly optimized video, and have established an effective distribution strategy, the result should be engaging to your targeted audience.  How many times have you been surfing social media, clicked on an interesting video, then clicked off within the first few seconds. Your clients are no different. And, how many times have you noticed a video that might otherwise engage you, but noticed it was longer than the time you are willing to give it. Your clients’ time is just as valuable. Be sure you do not waste distribution on the wrong audience. Hit the target, with a great video, and you’ll see the results.

iNetGolf produces thousands of videos annually with millions of consumer views. This experience and associated analytics give us the knowledge to maximize our clients marketing dollars. We understand how to create, optimize, reach,  and engage consumers. That is our business C.O.R.E.™ Let us tell your story!

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