Website Hosting

website hostingWebsite hosting probably does not receive as much attention as it deserves. Having website(s) hosted by a company that offers 24/7 live support is our recommendation. It is not something one expects to be an issue until there is an emergency. Having an out-of-service website nowadays is certainly and emergency for most any business. Having your connection to the digital world out of service is unacceptable. Think about all the possible consequences when considering your options.

Having a hosting company that can offer tech support for the web platform(s) being utilized is a huge benefit and is often overlooked. For instance hosting a WordPress site on a server that does not offer WordPress updates and support can become a cumbersome experience. Specific consideration should be given to traffic and storage requirements, as well as the number of other sites sharing the same service. Improper preparation can result in a sluggish and/or unresponsive website.

Whether or not our clients choose to host their site(s) on one of our server accounts or they choose to have their own hosting package, we make sure the important questions are satisfactorily answered. We encourage clients to take control of as much of their website management as possible without exceeding their knowledge base and comfort level.

Managing your own website hosting account is certainly possible, but may not be a good option, depending upon your knowledge and comfort level.  We offer website hosting solutions for every circumstance. So, whether you want to be involved or not, is up to you.  We’ll handle as much of the load as you desire. For more information about our hosting services contact iNetGolf HERE.