Digital Strategy

Digital StrategyWhat’s your digital strategy? This is most likely an unfamiliar question, but one of major importance. A good digital strategy would address a number of questions about your interface to the web. Here are a few:

1. Is your website capable of satisfying smart device user demand?

2. Are you spending enough, or entirely too much time on social media?

3. Have you taken the time to learn and understand how you’re being found or possibly being missed on the search engines?

4. Are you making regular updates to the content on your website?

5. How can you employ a linking strategy to increase your digital footprint?

If you answered “I’m not sure, or no” to any of these questions, you’re most likely missing business.

The overall digital strategy for the golf industry won’t differ that much from any other business today. The details will certainly vary according to specifics for each entity. But, the foundation for any digital strategy is built around the business’ interface to the web. The business website, its content, and how the content is managed and presented is at the core. Digital strategy will soon be taking position at the top of every priority list. Most businesses inside, and outside, the golf industry will soon have “digital strategists” or “digital managers” as part of their staff or outsourced partnerships. It’s the future of how we all obtain clients. It’s a combination of the science and the art of being found. In the world of search marketing, Science + Content + Art = Conversions.

The lines between science and art a bit blurred in that they become intermingled to create the perfect solution. Search algorithms have become more complex in an effort to ensure that only real and relevant content fuels the results of search queries. Yet image and appearance along with the organization of content is a vital part of the equation. The fast-paced lives of today’s super surfers along with the advent of smart devices have molded the way websites are designed. Conversion Centered Design (CCD) and Responsive platforms are a must to capture the fleeting attention of prospective clients.

Digital strategy takes into consideration all facets of the internet world and how your business relates with conversion as the single goal. It measures the time, energy , and expense against potential results from social media. It takes into account the competition for relative keywords and search terms, and how that (competition or overuse) may change their use and effectiveness toward creating potential traffic. It defines necessary content and molds the way it  is structured. It measures your digital footprint, creates methods for enlarging it, and then measures the results. It measures the opportunity and potential benefit of news related content, distribution of news,  and creates synergy in the overall message.

Digital strategy should be approached with a layering mentality. The first layer, the foundation, is a responsive website platform. Next is the conversion centered (CCD) website design. The next layer is website content, content structure, and presentation. Within the content layer is a crucial and ongoing task of keyword and search term research and strategy. All efforts for linking, PR, social media, and other traffic funneling activities should be held until the website foundation is solidly in place. This is not a one-time effort, or a one-shot approach. It is an on-going measure of effort and results, often trial and error to ultimately maximise conversions.

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