Social Media Strategy and Consultation

social media strategyHaving a proper Social Media Strategy is of extreme importance in today’s environment. The specific level of social media interactivity is different for every company. There is a huge misconception in the industry that social media has little or no cost. The time necessary to foster, manage, and maintain a social media presence has a price tag that may be surprising. With recent changes in policies and algorithms being used by popular social media sites, being seen there will require spending dollars on ad campaigns as well. Determining a return on investment for social media is often difficult to measure.  Regardless of the growing complexities for engaging potential clients in the social arena, this strategy can’t be ignored.

We help our clients determine the  social media strategy that best suits their business and budget. While we are not currently offering a service for running a social media campaign, we do offer training and consultation to help our clients become comfortable with the process of building and managing their social media presence.  To learn more about the social media strategy that is right for your specific situation, contact iNetGolf HERE.