high-heat-driverBattling Ego & Big Budget Advertising High Heat Driver

Most of the time we write about SEO, SEM, content creation, web development, social media, or just digital strategy in general. Every now and then something else prompts the urge to write. This time, I was inspired by an underdog with a great product trying to perform against large corporations with unlimited budgets. and an endless resource for every marketing angle. Going up against the big guys without an equal or better spend potential normally means settling for a very small piece of the pie. Does that mean you should not follow your dreams and passions? We don’t think so.  Neither does Dean Knuth of KnuthGolf.com, the creator of the High heat Driver.

You may recognize the name if you’re familiar with the golf industry. Dean developed the slope and handicap system for the USGA. He’s a mathematical genius and and an inventor. Dean realized a few years ago that most golf equipment  manufacturers were selling golf equipment to amateurs based the equipment pros were using. Most amateurs can’t come close to the swing speeds of the pros, and professional -style equipment actually can do more harm than goof for their golf scores. But golfer ego and all that advertising creates a huge wall to overcome for the little guy.  So, Dean set out to create a driver designed form the average golfer in spite of the odds.

The High heat may just be the best best driver in golf right now….for the average amateur. We won’t get into all the techno jargon that backs up Dean’s design. You get all that on his website.  But, Dean is making great progress wading through all the things entrepreneurs do…manufacturing deals, website development, and getting himself involved in demo labs at every opportunity. Dean says getting the driver into the hands of amateurs to try is the best thing he and his small company to do. the word of mouth that follows is significant. He’s been fortunate as well to get some ink from big players in the online and print magazine world, such as this article by Golf.com.

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So, if for no other reason, this article was written to give kudos to someone we admire. Got get ’em Dean. We’re behind you 100%. By the way, I’ve hit the driver, and have one on order. Follow you dreams folks! You only live once.