Golf Packaging

golf packagesGolf Packages in many markets have brodened to include much more than the golf.  To entice golfers to utilize a packaging services, packagers will have to become even more creative in the future. We can expect more and more golfers to utilize online booking solutions for tee times as we move further into this era of digital communications. But, the convenience of handling logistics, accommodations, tee times, and entertainment for groups will always require the attention of an experienced and qualified golf packager. Expect to see tomorrows golf groups opting to include other activities into their golf vacations such as fishing, hunting, and other excursions. Another popular service we see rising in certain areas is logistics. Transportation to include limo services to and from the airport, golf courses, and other destinations has a place in the realm of golf packaging. Especially with larger groups, when comparing the costs of rental vehicles to accommodate the group, a contracted logistics solution makes sense.

Perhaps the most important element of a great packaging solution involves marketing the package. This is where the gap between tradition and digital thinking may be at its widest. When 70, 80, 90% or more golfers are searching the internet for links to services that make their golf vacation planning easier, being found by them is top priority. The package’s visibility has to extend beyond the golf course’s website onto other wider-reaching platforms designed to attract relative search queries for golf travel and vacation. There’s no better place for this kind of information than on iNetGolf’s (TGD). TGD was designed to reach a global golf audience with TGD Radio, TGD TV and TGD Vacations.

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