PR and News Releases

Press ReleasesPress Releases, along with proper optimization and distribution can play an important role in an overall digital strategy. Throughout our platform we address the gap between tradition and digital thinking.  While press releases and associated PR have always been effective, how they are utilized today has drastically changed.

Creating Effective Press Releases

The process for creating effective press releases begins with creating or identifying the proper message to be distributed, then determining where (geographically) to build a presence. For example, good east coast distribution can be achieved by targeting cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, New York City, and even Chicago.  Some traditional methods are still effective, but the long term and longer lasting results can be achieved by planning and optimizing for search. Often properly optimized press releases continue to show up in searches for several years after initial distribution. But, careful consideration has to be given to how the message is structured.

A “newsworthy” message will travel the internet more quickly and for longer periods than one that is is more advertorial in nature. A good press release will not be too wordy, and will get to the point quickly and efficiently. Some press release distribution services will provide editorial review. Those services are normally a bit more pricey, but paying to ensure your message is properly distributed is better than wasting the effort entirely.

Just as is the case in any web page optimization, over-stuffing a press release keywords and phrases will affect readability and consequently the value of the intent. Forethought and careful placement of keywords and outbound links are necessary. Again, utilizing a service with editorial review will be well worth the extra dollars.

A good strategy, would include regularly scheduled releases. Whether the budget allows monthly, quarterly, or fewer releases, plan to make this part of the overall digital strategy for your business. The long-term impact is worth the effort.

iNetGolf offers complete press release service, training, and consultation. To learn more about how these services can impact your business contact us HERE.