Subscriber Lists

We think building subscriber lists to our website news feed is one of the most important tasks we can undertake going forward. It is becoming more and more difficult to achieve significant organic results through search engine optimization. As the search engines have “matured” over the past few years, we realize the underlying intent (of google, bing, facebook, etc)  is to create or force paid search into our budgets. Paid search works, and should be part of our budgets, but getting the most out of ambient news should be a high priority.

We provide subscription widgets to all our client websites. Building the list of subscribers can be accelerated by simply creating regular and compelling content and by letting folks know that you are doing so.  Often taken for granted is the fact that many patrons would subscribe to get notifications of specials, playing tips, and even changes in the restaurant and bar menus. The beauty of building this type of list lies in the fact that these are people who have actually signed up to hear what you have to say. There are fewer worries about spamming readers and getting the dreaded “unsubscribed” notification. And furthermore, there are now worries about being blackballed by an email as is the case with services like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and other such services. We’re not knocking these and other email service providers, just pointing out the differences.

Compelling Content

In addition to letting your golf customers know about happenings around the club, the newsletter…or blog, or whatever it is called, adds valuable content to your website. Creating a weekly update would be exceptional, monthly updates / blogs / newsletters will accomplish the job. ust know that more is always better when it comes to content.


We recently created a new mobile responsive website for Crow Creek Golf Club in Calabash, NC. Head PGA Professional, Jimmy Biggs has completely embraced the concept of subscribers and creating compelling content. He and fellow PGA Professional Jeff Davis have posted some great tips on things like playing winter golf, reading greens, and Jimmy’s latest Course Management and Club Selection. These are just a few examples of the kind of content your golf customers will enjoy reading. They will keep their subscription in tact to receive great content.  Other benefits include opportunities to spotlight the pros, golf lessons, pro shop specials, tournaments, and other events.

Don’t take for granted the kind of news that surrounds your courses daily. And, don’t miss out on engaging your golfers by beginning the process of creating a subscription list. Golfers will appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to keep them up to date on what is happening at their favorite course.