Website Content Creation and Management

website_contentCreating, managing, and updating website content is critically important to maintaining maximum web presence. Many companies are not yet prepared to take on the task and need various levels of assistance. Often the information necessary for good content is available, but getting it organized, optimized, and onto the website in a timely manner isn’t possible when priorities are based on taking care of running the business.

Good Website Content

A static website with stagnant content will not perform as well as an engaging site with regularly updated relative content. In the case of golf course websites, there are always things going on around  the facility that make excellent content. Tournaments, course conditions, employee information, and specials in the restaurant and pro shop are just a few subjects that make for great golf course website content. The challenge is getting the content, with enough text to meet search engine minimums properly organized and on the site on a regular basis.

“Regular” updates simply means having some sort of regular schedule for posting. Whether posts are done daily, weekly, or monthly really doesn’t matter as much as posting on schedule. Obviously more content is better than less content, and more often is better than less often, but getting on schedule is a good first step. It’s best to begin with a schedule that can be easily maintained and progress from there.

The amount of text and how it is organized in the update / post is also very important. It’s not as complicated as make it out to be. Once the guidelines are learned and understood, properly creating and optimizing content can be an effective tool.

We offer complete website content creation and management whether it is needed monthly weekly, or even daily. For those clients who are ready to begin the process themselves we offer training and consultation to get them going in the  right direction. For more information about iNetGolf’s content creation and management services contact us HERE.