iNetGolf C.O.R.E.™

At the heart (or core) of our business are four principles of effective and efficient online marketing: Create | Optimize | Reach | Engage (C.O.R.E.™). The terms effective and efficient have become necessarily synonymous in today’s’ online marketing strategies. For any marketing campaign to be efficient, it has to obviously be effective. An effective marketing campaign has to be efficient in terms of affordability from the standpoint of production, distribution, and consumption. We achieve effective and efficient results with C.O.R.E.™.


Online marketing begins with content creation. There’s no magic, smoke and mirrors, or pixie dust involve…..just work. Content creation is work that someone has to do. It has to be work with a purpose – or strategy. Random words and media accomplish very little.


Optimization is simply creating content with a purpose. We optimize for reach and search, but ultimately, we optimize for engagement.  If it is written content, optimization involves choosing the right topic and use of keywords to achieve the desired search result(s). Both written and produced media content have to be immediately compelling, and comfortably consumed. So, a properly optimized piece of content grabs the attention of the consumer immediately and guides them through a satisfactory engagement.  It must be immediately obvious the content is relative to the search query and topic title. In other words….get to the point within the first 2 seconds, and stay on point throughout the content delivery.


Distribution of content is often measured by reach. Reach, more simply stated, is the potential audience for geographic and demographic targets. Better geo and demo targeting (fine-tuning reach) produces better conversion. The tools for fine-tuning reach have been greatly improved for ad-based marketing. Ad-based marketing has become a key and necessary element of any online marketing campaign. Maximum reach is impossible without some sort of ad-based approach.


Effective engagement is the result of properly utilizing the other three principles being described here. Engagement is the goal necessary to achieve conversion. Conversion could be many things. We discuss conversion more HERE. One could conclude that Creation + Optimization + Reach = Effective Engagement. The content has to be on point and directed to a finely-tuned target audience.


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