The Problem

The golf industry is in a state of change. Flat sales and out-of-pace technology have caused many course operators to consider third party booking and marketing services (such as GolfNow) for their point of sale, tee sheet, marketing, and booking engine products at enormous costs. Bartering rounds for tools, marketing, and distribution have (in most cases) created even more problems. Not only do courses give up excessive revenue for services, they give up their online independence and ultimately… golfer loyalty.

The Solution

iNetGolf through partnership with Chronogolf  delivers proven technology, tools, marketing, and unlimited training at the course level at a fraction of the cost associated with other distribution options. Course operators can take control of their digital destiny and grow their online and direct booking sales without giving up round revenue and client data while maintaining golfer loyalty for the sake of selling unused inventory. In many cases, members in the PGA program can earn educational points for iNetGolf’s digital training.

The Vision

We know the future of golf contains some hurdles. Engaging golfers directly from the course level with proven state-of-the-art cloud-based tools will allow us to tackle those hurdles with confidence. Increasing online and direct booking without giving up the farm is a reality we can (and will) prove. By utilizing video, social media, and creative content management we will effectively reach your targeted audience in the most efficient manor. We see a future that eliminates excessive distribution costs, allows effective and efficient marketing of your property, and increases profitable direct and online booking trends while protecting and improving your digital footprint. Our vision can be your reality. Contact us for a one-on-one today.