Golf Talk RadioThe internet has changed the value of golf talk radio, giving the medium new life. Just as practically every other aspect of traditional logic seems to give way to digital thinking, one of the oldest forms of communications, (radio) finds new footing…again. In this case an older medium finds new life through digital technology. This isn’t the first time radio has been dubbed the ultimate media survivor. Back in the 40s and 50s it seemed television would render this “older” form of media obsolete. But radio survived by creating new formats and broadcasting in this new thing called stereo. When it became possible for radio to put into cars, there was no stopping it.

Although internet radio has caused some pain and consideration for terrestrial radio, the medium itself is larger than ever before. Traditional radio stations are making the necessary streaming adjustments as the world is making internet adjustments, such as being added to (of all things) cars.  Have you ever thought about why the world has an attraction to radio? More than anything else, it is practical and convenient. Just as it was convenient decades ago to experience news and musical content in a car, radio still has that same factor going for it. Internet, along with it’s new form of radio, is now available in almost every home, office, and in many new cars. It is even on our phones.

The Power of Golf Talk Radio and the Internet

The combined convenience of internet radio and the ability to reach a targeted and even global audience with specific content  makes it an extremely viable medium for reaching golfers. Do all golfers have internet? Most. Do all golfers listen to golf radio? Of course not. It is certainly not the only medium one should consider, but it is a viable medium for reaching a targeted audience. In the vain of developing digital thinking we should continually look for as many ways as possible to deliver our messages. Radio has been for decades, and still is viable, even if the delivery mechanism has changed. Perhaps the strongest case for radio’s continued survival and growth though internet is the ability now to save the content in the form of podcasts for listening on-demand beyond the original airing. Producers do not have to be so concerned about the live audience when the programming can be archived along with optimized text to bring even more potential listeners to shows. Messages / advertising  in radio’s former life vanished when the program / commercial ended. Now the message lives on indefinitely. And as content is layered on, traffic potential for the message increases. There is much more to today’s radio potential than ever before.

This article and specifically the preceding comments are intended to educate our clients and potential clients about avenues made possible through iNetGolf’s recent acquisition of (TGD).  TGD and it’s multi-media delivery capabilities open up avenues for targeted message delivery that were otherwise difficult to achieve. Let’s face it, most individual golf course owners and small groups do not have the financial horsepower to buy adspace on network television. Courses that depend upon golf tourism live by their ability to reach out-of-market prospects. The internet makes that reach achievable, and internet radio and TV have already become an important medium. We’re very pleased to welcome TGD into our company and look forward to introducing TGD golf talk radio and TV to our clients. For more information about TGD’s capabilities and reach click HERE.