If so many international golfers are interested in American golf, where are they, and how can they be reached? Great questions! The United States golf industry needs to cultivate more play to regain its health. In addition to getting more play from current golfers, other possible growth opportunities involve more and better youth golf programs, women, and foreigners. The good news…youth golf got a nice boost from the 2014 Masters and the Drive, Chip, and Putt Championship. More and more attention is being placed on making golf courses better suited for the ladies with input from people like (lady shan interviews in ac). TGD Radio host, and iNetGolf Marketing Analysts / Digital Strategist, Shan Coughlin has conducted some great interviews on this subject. HERE is an interview with(    ). So, how do we tap into all this alleged interest from other countries? Where are they, and how do we reach them? The answer….we reach them digitally.

International golfers with interest in U.S. courses are actively searching the internet for information about the courses they want to play. iNetGolf’s multimedia division, TheGolfDirector.com broadcasts golf talk radio and TV to a global golf audience on a daily basis. To date the network has reach 165 countries, all 50 United States, and over 25,000 cities. How do international golfers find TGD Radio and TV? They find them searching the internet. The global interest in American golf is obvious. The top ten countries frequenting TGD Radio and TV may surprise you. We hear a lot about the emerging asian golf market, especially in China. China barely ranks in the top 50 countries interacting with TGD. we know their future importance and potential impact on U.S. Golf. The countries normally in the top five outside the U.S. are:  the United Kingdom; Australia; Canada; Ireland;  and Japan. The top ten often includes New Zealand, United Arab Emirates (specifically Dubai), Spain, Korea, France, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. Here is a snapshot of the past 30 days from TGD Radio.

 International Golfers

International golfers are searching for and finding information about American golf and you can bet they are looking for specific information about courses. Having your course found by them is step one, and having them convert their site visit into future rounds is the ultimate goal. There are specific and proven steps to create the conversion. Taking a wait and see approach here will definitely hand the business to the early adopters. There’s one thing for sure, they’re not going to find you unless you prepare. Click HERE to learn more about how your can take advantage of this emerging opportunity.