myrtle beach golf packages for 2015Myrtle Beach golf packages for 2015 will require more advanced planning. Traditionally the first week of January is the busiest week of the year for package providers when it comes to fielding quote requests and booking golf vacations. I suppose that makes sense, the holidays are behind us, we’re in a new year, it’s winter, and time to think about spring summer, and fall golf.

Signs of Improvement

The past few years in the industry have been tough for courses across the United States.  Peak seasons seem to have gotten shorter, and handling the demand has not been much of an issue. But, in the Myrtle Beach area, we saw signs of improvement in 2014. Granted the year started off slower because of all the winter snow and ice storms along the north east, and even (uncharacteristically) in our area. Although we had a seemingly brief Spring season, we saw the demand for prime (near the course) accommodations increase. Regardless of the problems that creates for booking, we see that as a great sign.

Myrtle Beach golf Packages for 2015

Already, as we gear up for spring 2015, we’re seeing prime tee times filling up…and we have not yet entered that historically busy first week of January. In fact, if these trends continue, and we think they will, golfers are going to have to begin planning much earlier to get the best deals. Through our media platform, we have been stressing the need to begin earlier. The factors just mentioned along with advances in golf course tee sheet (yield) management that allow courses to easily manage rates based upon demand, have created just a little more urgency thus far. We do think that urgency will continue and increase throughout the coming year. Through our package operation at The Golf Director we’re seeing groups get hit with increased tee rates as late additions see the effect of yield management. That is, at times, hard to explain, but a factor that will only become the norm as play increases through these peak seasons.

Another factor that is affecting demand, has been the closing of courses. Back during the good times, the Myrtle Beach area boasted some 120 courses. Right now there are 84 according to our count. We think you will see a few more closings as this coming year unfolds. It’s obvious the Myrtle Beach area over-built during the good times, and we’re paying the price for that now. In some cases, when the value of the land becomes greater as real estate than golf, struggling owners have little choice. As the U.S. economy picks up the demand for golf on these 84 courses will create more urgency.

Myrtle Beach Economy on the Rise

While all these indicators are both negative and positive for certain courses, it is a sign that better advance planning, especially by the larger groups, will be necessary. On top of factors that normally affect the golf industry, real estate professionals in the Myrtle Beach area are predicting serious growth in population over the next few years. It took a while for excess inventory to be used up after the the burst of the bubble, and new construction in the area is on the rise. We can’t stress how important this is for our area. Will it affect golf? You biet it will! Everyone is very cautious and trying to not be overly optimistic, but we at iNetGolf are certainly optimistic the golf economy in Myrtle Beach is improving. For help with your next Myrtle Beach Golf Packages for 2015 and beyond, be sure to visit httpss:// And, always check bake here at and at our media site httpss:// for the lates golf news and information.