There is a conversion crisis upon us. There’s a lot of buzz in the web design industry nowadays about this so-called traffic conversion crisis. We’ve touched on the web-search attention deficit disorder that lately seems to be affecting the general population in previous articles. It seems with every new innovation in technology users become more impatient. The emerging dominance of smart device usage is driving the need for immediate change.  If your interface to the digital world (your website) is not constructed with Conversion Centered Design (CCD) in mind, you are most certainly missing opportunities. If it seems like we are putting a lot of emphasis on web design lately, it is because we are. It is perhaps the single most important element (within your immediate control) that can, and will affect your business.

Conversion CrisisConversion Risk – Speed Surfers Present

To satisfy the time-starved web surfers of today, we have to be focussed on a home page and landing pages that are specifically designed to create a conversion. Whether to collect a lead, or to trigger a contact through a form, there are specific design elements to help achieve this result. Busy home pages filled with all the information that you (previously) felt was important are by nature an overload for most visitors. Rarely is the time being taken to sift through information for the link, or phrase, or trigger necessary for the next step. Too much information is just digital noise for today’s surfers.

We’ve covered the process of creating impressions, and getting clicks to the site HERE. Now we’re focussing on how to get the visitor to take the next crucial step…and then the next. Careful consideration has to be given to exactly what is your most important message. A method for getting the visitor to convert has to be designed into the page. At the base of the solution is simplicity in the form of color and design. In short when the visitor arrives, he or she needs to see an engaging message, and a clear and precise call to action. Just as important as the home and landing pages are all the steps in the process that hopefully lead to a sale. As is the case more often than not, trial and error along with some A/B testing will be the norm, so having the right analytical tools installed on your site are important factors.

Getting visitors to convert has always been the goal of good web design. The conversion crisis is a fairly new phenomenon brought on by new technology and the increasingly busy lifestyles of today’s consumers. Obviously we can change  their lifestyle and the urgency of their actions, so we much adapt. Contact iNetGolf to get a FREE consultation and digital analysis of your website. Let’s make your site CCD compliant!.