The Future of Golf Vacation Packaging

Rivers Edge Golf Course, Shallotte, NC

Golf vacation packaging has been the topic of mounting concern lately, and rightfully so. There are continued advancements in online tee time booking and an existing plethora of online accommodations engines from which to choose. Many smaller groups are already bypassing traditional package companies. There’s no argument that a good package company is a worthwhile relationship, especially for larger groups. To have someone take on all the headaches of arranging lodging, tee times, and activities is still (and probably will always be) attractive to some. There are already booking engines that accommodate tee times and lodging all in one transaction without human intervention, and more are coming.

Change Is On The Way

To not recognize and prepare for the coming change, would be a huge mistake. Those packagers who ignore the signs, and fail to take action to set themselves apart from the competition could surely be the first suffer demise. Rest assured, change is on the way! Will your company be among the ones who survive?

More creative packaging may be part of the answer. Many companies along the coast have been successful in combining golf, lodging, fishing, and even gambling into packages. This type of creative thinking needs to be expanded to possibly include logistics, such as limo services and chartered air services. Granted, not all golfers are going to be up for forking over the dough for these high end accommodations, but those who will are certainly out there. If you’re not marketing to them, they will not find you.

What Is The Answer for Golf Vacation Packaging?

Development of unique package offerings with a creative marketing approach is a good start. Digital marketing may be the most effective form for marketing golf vacation packaging. It will certainly be the most efficient. Think about how most people are finding their choices for restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. They search. Give some thought to what you might offer to distinguish your company from the competition, and then think about the keywords that might be used to attract those searching for like information. If you would rather farm out the task, contact us HERE. We would love an opportunity to help you create a marketing campaign to ensure your continued success in the future of golf vacation packaging.

Getting your business digital-ready is of key importance for the golf vacation packaging business of the future. If you’re website is not mobile responsive (if it is over 2 years old it is not), you’ll most definitely miss potential business. The ability to market from your website is the most important first step toward the future. Get digital-ready. Change is coming! On the strong and prepared will survive.