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iNetGolf NewsiNetGolf, through service, news, and information, is dedicated to helping the golf industry transition into a better tomorrow. Through innovative service offerings, news, and media distribution, this platform is singularly focussed, yet broadly aware of how changing technology is affecting business relationships. Every business is faced with the same basic challenges, but the golf industry has specific hurdles to overcome, primarily competition for declining play. Through this platform we will serve, educate, inform, and lead our golf partners into the next generation of golf economy.

An over-saturation of golf course property during the the real estate boom of the 90s coupled with a reduction of active golfers from approximately 30 million in 2005 to just over 24 million in 2013 has created stress on the industry. Many courses have already failed and others are teetering on the brink. This looming situation coupled with changing communications technology and user engagement habits creates unique challenges.

Reaching and informing previous and new golfers is of major importance for every golf entity. Much progress is being made to engage youth, but little has been achieved to retain young adults and middle-aged golfers. Engaging and addressing the challenges they face is foremost in priority. The elements of time, difficulty of the game, and expense are often identified as key issues. But, there are other areas not be overlooked.

International interest in United States golf continues to rise as golf in Europe and Asia continues to grow. Reaching and engaging  these interested new (to American golf) golfers has definite promise. Other areas of interest include millions of handicapped golfers with interest in playing the game. The most successful courses of tomorrow will engage and accommodate “differently abled” golfers. Just these two sources of potential play represent enough golfers to ease the pain of the American golf industry.

Helping our golf partners reach and engage new business, while preparing to meet the technological changes in user engagement is our mission at iNetGolf. Providing up-to-date news and information about the changing industry is a vital part of the equation. If you would like to contribute news, articles, and commentary contact us HERE. We welcome your feedback.

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